Playtests provide an opportunity to test Mortal Rite across a variety of hardware configurations so that issues and bugs can be identified before release, and so that valuable feedback about gameplay can be received from the community.

Current Playtest:
Phase 1

Mortal Rite is scheduled to go through 4 phases of playtests:

  • Phase 1: Closed Playtest available to Mortal Rite Patreon supporters.
  • Phase 2: Closed Playtest available to Mortal Rite Discord users with OG tag.
  • Phase 3: Closed Playtest available to people that signed up to playtest the game.
  • Phase 4: To Be Determined…

To participate in Mortal Rite playtests, you will need an Epic Games account that has been given permission to play Mortal Rite. We are currently contacting users for each phase of testing and coordinating the playtests through the Mortal Rite Mortal Rite Discord Server. Join The Mortal Rite Server

Anyone that has access to play the current version of Mortal Rite can play anytime. There are no set playtest hours.

Mortal Rite development roadmap can be seen here.