Mortal Rite is a third-person, action RPG with Souls-Like combat that aims to breathe new life into the Rogue-Lite and dungeon crawler genres. The game focuses on characters with unique abilities and up to 5 player Co-Op.

Mortal Rite is a fast, action-based melee combat game that lets players trade blows with enemies, rewarding strategy over button-mashing.

Choose from a variety of characters to embody, each with their own lore, fighting style, and abilities! The games challenge lies in the enemies, items, and even level layouts getting randomly reset between deaths, like a Rogue-Lite!

Multiplayer Co-Op

In co-op, players will experience different challenges than in single player mode, where enemies and level layouts differ based on the number of players. Difficulty increases which forces players to build different types of characters for true cooperative gameplay.



Shold draws upon the power and stability of rock as he breaks enemy lines and draws the brunt of the enemy’s attacks allowing those that fight with Shold to focus on bringing down enemies. Shold has an answer for any situation that the enemy presents. Block incoming projectiles for his whole team using his Great Wall; Knocking enemies senseless at the right time; Shredding enemy armor so that the teams damage is higher. When the battle looks unwinnable, Shold summons his Rock Armor that can turn the tide back on the winning side.


Dawksin uses exceptional maneuverability to engage his targets and move around the battlefield. He uses a combination of quick, agile attacks and powerful abilities to embed stacks of metal shrapnel in his targets. When the time is right, Dawksin can escape from combat and recall his shrapnel to deal huge bursts of damage to one or more targets from safety.


Mortal Rite is currently in development.

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